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Resources Home You've had jobs before, but what about a career? Working for the Wyoming Department of Corrections gives you the opportunity to discover what you can be and the chance to make a difference every day.

Wyoming business report twitter

In Wyoming, one in three Native students are what's considered "chronically absent. Ferris is best known around here as the basketball coach who's led Wyoming Indian High School to four state championships.

But he also works for the elementary school as what's called a "home-school coordinator.

wyoming business report twitter

My job is to make sure the kids who aren't coming to school — find out why, and what we need to do to get them to school," Ferris says. Third-grader Talissa Cadotte missed the school bus this morning.

Ferris spends most of his time driving around and knocking on doors on the vast Wind River Reservation.

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Ferris is off to deliver notices to parents whose children have missed too many school days. When kids have five, 10 or 15 unexcused absences, he shows up at their door with a letter.

Parents who can't get their kids to school can be charged with educational neglect and face probation and fines. They know why I'm visiting, so they're not going to answer the door," Ferris says. Still, others are happy to see him — like Rickina Armour. She says hearing him knock on the door is a good thing.

I think that kind of helps me out because most people know who I am," Ferris says. Wyoming isn't alone facing this problem. Arizona, Montana and Oklahoma all see similarly high absentee rates for Native students.

Eighth grade, 30 percent. That's pretty high," says Cecelia Leong, who works with Attendance Worksa national initiative to reduce absences. That's 10 percentage points higher than for white students, and those gaps start early.

An Attendance Works report found that Native kindergartners miss twice as many days as their white peers. Leong says those gaps in attendance become gaps in achievement.Wyoming Area School District strives to maintain strong safety and security measures for all students and staff.

Many measures have been in place and will continue to be evaluated. Any parent, student, or community member who wishes to meet and discuss their concerns with the Superintendent may contact Mrs.

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Janet Serino at ext. At the time the deal closed in September , the Wyoming Business Council said Magpul would pay back about $ million, but Laramie County, Wyo., stood to gain another $ million in taxes. 13 days ago · Amazon gains on report it plans to expand Whole Foods stores Amazon has been pushing to expand in the $ billion grocery business since buying Whole Foods for $ billion in .

Wyoming County Report: Positive outlook in Wyoming County as business growth increases. Posted on by WV Hub. BY MARY CATHERINE BROOKS FOR WYOMING COUNTY REPORT.

Since Jan. 1, Wyoming County has seen 39 new businesses licensed — a percent in business growth, according to the West Virginia Secretary of State’s office. Cowboys head to business trip with unmatched support: 'Football in Wyoming is a big deal.' Football reigns supreme in Wyoming and the community has shown .

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Wyoming County Report: Positive outlook in Wyoming County as business growth increases