Voting behaviour in nigeria

The second part of the solution lay in using staggered periodic elections to make the decisions of any given majority subject to the concurrence of other majorities distributed over time. In the United States, for example, presidents are elected every four years and… History of elections Although elections were used in ancient Athens, in Rome, and in the selection of popes and Holy Roman emperors, the origins of elections in the contemporary world lie in the gradual emergence of representative government in Europe and North America beginning in the 17th century.

Voting behaviour in nigeria

A Study Of Ubakala Community Political participation is a process through which individuals or groups of citizens get involved in designing representative decision- makers to enhance an effective governance and societal welfare. The participation can come in form of voting, rally, contesting, partnership, among others.

To embark on this task of electing leaders, people must be mobilized in order to get enlightened via enlightenment campaigns, sensitization, information dissemination and advocacy programmes directed at Community Leaders, Age Grades, Development Associations, Opinion Leaders, Artisan Guides and other grassroots movements in order to increase their awareness and foster attitudinal change towards active involvement and participation in politics.

This emphasize more on the need and advantages of radio in helping to educate people rural people on the aim of embarking on politics and the gain achieved from such in a persuasive and convincing mood to lure them into participation for such as it helps to build an organised and healthy and peaceful community, state, country and the world at large.

It is also known that the impact of radio manifests in emergence of political movements by instant group with aim to achieve objectives. This implies that radio aim at reaching the diversified and heterogeneous people rural dwellers in their various destinations simultaneously and also in their different language for both old and young to partake.

This is because in most rural areas, old and young women are in a greater number non-educated ones and with their votes, one wins any election. There are various ways one can participate in politics.

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These ways could be through political rally, partnership, contesting, criticism, voting and so on. The above participation means are very crucial in our rural areas, especially where we have a large country eg Nigeria.

Because Nigeria consist of three major ethnic linguistics, therefore, the president will find it difficult to reach other people with odd dialect. Thus, they rural dwellers need a representative in government from their areas, who can reach government needs and demands to them in their languages.

And, this can only be done when the people living in rural areas participate in political programmes and activities that is, in a democrat ic state. But, in most rural areas many people are still showing apathy, alienated, indifference to political participation especially cities populated by businessmen.

The more information and education even enlightenment on the importance of political participation are made known to the rural people, the more interest, sympathy and joy they derive from participating in it by the greater extent of the knowledge they acquire about it.

A democratic society without a mass media e. That is to say, any man without a radio in his house to enlighten him about the happenings in the society is deaf while hearing and blind while seeing. For we have come to forceful believe and accept the assertion that without massive medium radio in a democratic state, that democracy is doom.

During election, mass media, in order to promote political participation, uses the issue or problem in the area to lure the people to actively participate. According to the Agenda-setting function which states that people should not bother on what to think but act on what to think about. Thus, the provision of Electricity to a rural area helps the people to concentrate on the developmental aspect of the issue, mobilize and organize themselves on how to vote the person into office in order to achieve their objectives.

In most Third World Countries rural communityRadio Broadcasting is the most effective mass communication medium in reaching the masses both in the rural and urban areas as it transcends geographical, linguistics and other traditional barriers.

However, the radio station was not a full-fledged radio station, though, monitored and relayed programmes for the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC. Programmes were originated and transmitted from London, to Nigeria subscribers by telephone wires.

British Broadcasting Corporation BBC as an example of Public Radio Corporation that is autonomous and independent, relayed purely British programmes, though, sometimes they tailored the programmes to suit the taste of Nigeria listeners.

According to Nwanze I. The programmes were disseminated to various diversified audience through boxes where they were received by subscribers who paid some amount of money in advance as subscription fees for the purpose of listening to the programme.

Inthe Nigeria Broadcasting Service NBS was established as an arm of the Ministry of Information, which served as a relay station, working closely with the BBC and relaying national news and other programmes from London.

Voting behaviour in nigeria

It also has every qualities of the past except the name that changed. InRadio Broadcasting in Nigeria assumed some importance to the Nigerian audience, as programmes were made to suit the taste of the listeners in Nigeria.

Voting behaviour in nigeria

The objective of which to be the promotion of orderly and meaningful development of broadcasting in Nigeria through improvement in programming, etc. Since the emergence of radio in Nigeria, it has become a formidable force in Nigeria politics.

No Nigerian politician, parties or government has carried any activity meant for the masses without employing the services of the radio.

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Since second Republic, Nigeria has had sudden increase in the number of state owned radio stations. Some states, today, have two radio stations transmitting on AM and FM bands which government use for the dissemination of their policies, news and programmes.

In the yearMinaj System, Obosi, in Anambra state, was granted license to establish and operate private radio station.Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria is the umbrella body of Pharmacists in Nigeria established • To maintain a high standard of Professional ethics and discipline among its members, to promote and maintain a high standard of Pharmaceutical Education in Nigeria, promote legislation for the enhancement of the image and the interest of the Pharmacy Profession and the Practitioners in Nigeria.

Media and Elections. The media are essential to democracy, and a democratic election is impossible without media. A free and fair election is not only about the freedom to vote and the knowledge of how to cast a vote, but also about a participatory process where voters engage in public debate and have adequate information about parties, policies, candidates and the election process itself in.

The study recommends a total overhaul of the electoral system; education/creation of awareness to the Nigerian citizens, and to make the elective positions less lucrative and attractive than what is currently obtainable.

In this way, those negative factors that influence the . Popular Ghanaian singer, Shatta Wale has been arrested by the Police in Ghana over an alleged assault on a policeman on duty. The controversial artiste was seen in a viral video having a heated verbal brawl with a police officer, who had apparently stopped an unregistered Range Rover SUV.

Aug 28,  · VOTING BEHAVIOUR: Voting behaviour is a form of political behaviour which understands voters’ behaviour can explain how and why decisions were made either by public decision-makers, which has been a central concern for political scientists, or by the electorate.

Colonial Nigeria was the area of West Africa that later evolved into modern-day Nigeria, during the time of British rule in the 19th and 20th centuries. British influence in the region began with the prohibition of slave trade to British subjects in Britain annexed Lagos in and established the Oil River Protectorate in British influence in the Niger area increased gradually.

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