Three events that changed america

Surrender of Cornwallis 2. The Reformation The Reformation was one of the greatest events in European history. Prior to this period, the Roman Catholic Church had close to absolute control over the people and governments of the Christian world. It was when many of the learned men of the time began to question the practices of the church in comparison to the Bible that trouble arose.

Three events that changed america

Can you imagine a day without using the telephone?

1 9/11- World Trade Centre Attacks

Does not the discovery of that too have its grounds in deep rooted history? Matters so trivial are everyday affairs, imagine India minus the Muslim Sultanate, the tourism industry would have been in for a doom for India would have no monuments to boast of.

Further still imagine an Egypt without the mummies and the Pyramids, not so much a destination for your next vacation, is it?

That said about Architectural and Monarchical history, it is really the turning of eras that has changed the World. Imagine a world without America! No pun on the naming game, history has always been more about patriarchal norms and dominance of men. How about subtracting from you the episodes of absolute rule of Britannia?

What you might be wondering is how it changed the World! All those Antiterrorism laws we are now proud of were lead by these attacks and the general stereotyping of Muslims as terrorists and a major hatred towards the religion in United States in particular is still evident.

Invasion of Afghanistan by USA to depose the Taliban and the Iraq war in are too believed to have been triggered by these attacks. They changed how the world reacted to terrorism, and the financial losses incurred due to closed stock markets for six days changed how the world economy functioned.

The Birth of Muhammad A. The Birth of Prophet Muhammad is not as important for being his birthdate as it is for giving birth to Islam as a religion.

Muhammad was the founder and promulgator of one of the most influential religions in the world and believe it or not Islam is much beyond the terror it believes to have perpetrated.

The Birth of Muhammad -570 A.D.

It was once the prophecy of love and it has acted like a bridge of knowledge leading to many discoveries of art and science. Setting stage for Italian Renaissance and ultimately the Crusades. Islam is much beyond Al-Qaeda. Where do you believe the concept of devil came from? Hell, Heaven and Purgatory besides Satan are concepts given to the world by Christianity.

Would you believe that Christianity had its roots in the early Jewish Culture and Paganism? That said, how it changed our world is that Christianity made men literate, it is often correctly said that no man of words could not know Christianity. Schools, welfare centres and Healthcare were first managed by the missionaries of the Church and if not for the authoritative church, the world would have lost on science, art and multiple revolutions.

People in the 16th century were more literate than their ancestors and they reasoned more than they felt, and this made the Protestant Reformation a major European Movement. The world sprang up with Protestant churches while the reformers moved to the New World or America, but what was most important was the decentralization of power of the Roman Catholic Church and its Clerics and the idea to question ancient beliefs and lead life with a scientific approach.

Industrial Revolution was never a possibility without the Reformation. Medical Revolution Imagine a world with no medical help or doctors? That was how it used to be, why else were pandemics more deadly then than they are now?

The discovery of Penicillin has saved more lives than the discovery of water purifiers if you thought that was an important invention. Vaccinations prevented human race from extinction at a time when small pox was believed to be a punishment for evil doers.

Realize now how life without medical revolution was? Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria- Now you wonder if that ever meant anything at all.

It did, the First World War. It was only when Austria- Hungary declared war on Serbia post the assassination that the circumstances so invited the First World War and the world changed.Jul 02,  · Events that change America don't always occur within our borders. Consider the spring of Napoleon had sent a formidable army under his .

Apr 04,  · Owlcation» Humanities» She has researched and written for educational sites and authors. 10 historical events that changed the world | Source.

An Illustrated Guide to the 10 Events That Defined History and Changed the World. people, and events of the American Revolution. You can also find a timeline. The author, Joseph Logan, is now Reviews: Three Events That Changed America. Filed Under: Essays. 3 pages, words. The United States has changed a lot since its “Birth” in The United States changed for better or worse from The Great Depression, The Vietnam War, and The Attacks of 9/ These life altering events formed America with tragedy, and destruction.

Who and What Changed America? A 20th Century Timeline organizations and books and other cultural events. My list is longer than TIME's list, but there are quite a few overlaps in the two. Three Events That Could Change The Face Of America | YoNews #AlternativeNews #news November 3, at am Three Events That Could Change The Face Of America To avoid shadow banning and the resulting web censorship try DDG.

The World Was Never the Same: Events That Changed History. Professor J.

Three events that changed america

Rufus Fears, Ph.D. University of Oklahoma The Battle of Gettysburg on July 1–3, , a pivotal battle in the American Civil War that would turn the tide in favor of the Union and the freedoms it sought to preserve;.

Top 19 Events That Changed America In The Last 19 Years