The purpose of college essay

Maybe, but most social exchanges require a balance between sincerity and goodwill on the one hand and finesse on the other. College application essays, or personal statements, are to a large extent social exchanges and require the same balance. Faced with piles of paperwork, difficult choices, and a looming deadline, the people who screen your applications work long hours throughout the winter months. Purpose of the Essay With so many applications to review, why do colleges add to the burden by requiring a personal statement?

The purpose of college essay

You already know how to write an academic essay: It should capture your genuine personality, explaining who you are beyond a series of grades, test scores, and after-school activities.

Purpose of the Essay

Take a minute and think about the college or university admission officers who will be reading your essay. How will your essay convey your background and what makes you unique? If you had the opportunity to stand in front of an admission committee to share a significant story or important information about yourself, what would you say?

The college application essay is your chance to share your personality, goals, influences, challenges, triumphs, life experiences, or lessons learned. Not to mention why you're a good fit for the college or university—and why it's a good fit for you.

These are the stories behind the list of activities and leadership roles on your application. Instead, pick one moment in time and focus on telling the story behind it. One way to do that is to work step-by-step, piece-by-piece. The end result should be a carefully designed, insightful essay that makes you proud.

Take advantage of being able to share something with an audience who knows nothing about you and is excited to learn what you have to offer.

Write the story no one else can tell. Get to know your prompt Ease yourself into the essay-writing process. Take time to understand the question or prompt being asked. The single most important part of your essay preparation may be simply making sure you truly understand the question or essay prompt.

When you are finished writing, you need to make sure that your essay still adheres to the prompt. College essay questions often suggest one or two main ideas or topics of focus.

The purpose of college essay

These can vary from personal to trivial, but all seek to challenge you and spark your creativity and insight. Then, read them one more time. Is this essay prompt asking you to inform? These pieces rarely showcase who you are as an applicant.

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Brainstorm Get your creative juices flowing by brainstorming all the possible ideas you can think of to address your college essay question. Believe it or not, the brainstorming stage may be more tedious than writing the actual application essay.

The purpose is to flesh out all of your possible ideas so when you begin writing, you know and understand where you are going with the topic. You have years to draw from, so set aside time to mentally collect relevant experiences or events that serve as strong, specific examples.

This is also time for self-reflection. Choose three concepts you think fit the college application essay prompt best and weigh the potential of each. Which idea can you develop further and not lose the reader? Which captures more of who you really are?

You should have enough supporting details to rely on this as an excellent demonstration of your abilities, achievements, perseverance, or beliefs. Architects use a blue print. A webpage is comprised of code. Cooks rely on recipes. What do they have in common? They have a plan. The rules for writing a good essay are no different.

Create an outline that breaks down the essay into sections. Shape your story so that it has an introduction, body, and conclusion. Following this natural progression will make your essay coherent and easy to read. How are you going to open your essay?

Try to identify what the tone of your essay is going to be based on your ideas. Stick to your writing style and voice. Put the words in your own voice. Write the essay Once you are satisfied with your essay in outline format, begin writing!Purpose of the Essay The first step in shaping how you approach the essay is understanding what the purpose of the essay is to the people reading it - the admissions committee.

For admissions officers, the essay is important for two major reasons. College Education What makes college education so important?

College is not just a choice, it's the beginning of a lifelong journey, one that will shape and determine future choices, decisions and purposes. College is going to help you determine a career that you want to pursue.

It will help and guide you in the right direction but you have to be the one to put in the effort.

Types of Essays. Admission officers are human, and like other humans they appreciate a good read. As Doughty puts it, when he finds “an essay that’s really good it’s kind of nice just to sit back and say, ‘Wow, this is different.'” An essay does not have to rely on an unusual topic for its success, however. The strong essay below was written in response to the application to Duke University's Trinity College. The guidelines for the optional supplemental essay ask, "If you are applying to Trinity College of Arts and Sciences, please discuss why you consider Duke a good match for you. Purpose of the Essay The first step in shaping how you approach the essay is understanding what the purpose of the essay is to the people reading it - the admissions committee. For admissions officers, the essay is important for two major reasons.

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The purpose of college essay

An Analysis of the Importance of College Education in United States. words. 1 page. An Introduction to the Importance of the College Education in Today's Society. College Education Purpose Essay - College Education Purpose Before World War II, attending college was a privilege, usually reserved for the upper class, but, in today’s society scholarships, grants, and loans are available to the average student which has made pursuing a college education a social norm.

The Day the Purpose of College Changed After February 28, , the main reason to go was to get a job By Dan Berrett January 26, Premium content for subscribers.

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