The obsession for hot dogs an analysis of wiener wiener wiener

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The obsession for hot dogs an analysis of wiener wiener wiener

The best thing a therapist could do, Sullivan believed, was to understand human relationships, to witness, to describe, and to attempt to influence the transactions that occur between people.

This distinction between what psychotherapy can and cannot do might also be applied to film. No film has time to give us an adequate account of the interior thoughts of people, arguably the most distinctive measure of our humanness: However, just as therapy can effectively focus on relationships, so movies can also give us, in the most bold and intimate manner possible, the immediacy, the poignancy, of human encounters.

Among American films think of Bogart and Hepburn in The African Queen - proud, fierce, contentious characters whose more appealing depths are revealed in the course of their joint struggle for survival on a jungle river; or Taylor and Burton, who revel in their acrimony in Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?

Emotion One reason film succeeds so well in portraying human encounters is that film can convey emotion perhaps more powerfully than any other creative medium. Not the inner feelings of people, but emotion. E-motion, literally meaning movement outward, the outward, behavioral manifestations of inner feeling states, the social, and therefore photographable, dimension of human feeling.

The obsession for hot dogs an analysis of wiener wiener wiener

Some emotional expressions and gestures are candid, inadvertent, automatic even, outer signs of inner physiological processes, like Hans Selye's "fight or flight" responses to stress. Other expressions may be falsified, with or without intent, to mask or veil inner feelings and thoughts.


Most are earnest yet imperfect communications that at best give us only an approximation or simplified version of the more complex inner feeling state of another person. Feeling is partly a visceral experience not easily translated into words or gestures. And human feeling is inescapably cognitive as well.

Neither the psychotherapist nor the filmmaker can fully plumb the private depths of feeling.

The obsession for hot dogs an analysis of wiener wiener wiener

Film can, however, vividly capture emotion, and the better the actor, the more likely his or her performance will suggest the nature and complexity of inner feelings through emotional expression. The famed Stanislavski school of "method acting" required an actor to try to become the character, so that the actor's inner feelings can inform and infect emotional gesture and kinesics.

Among others, recent demonstrations of this skill have been offered by Robert Duvall, who portrays a deeply flawed yet somehow spiritually honest charismatic preacher in his film, The Apostle; Pruitt Taylor Vince, the dependent, immature and sensitive protagonist of Heavy; Emma Thompson, a bereaved young widow in The Winter Guest; Albert Finney, an aging, lonely homosexual who finds some measure of intimacy while directing amateur plays in A Man of No Importance; Jack Lemmon as a desperate and demoralized worthless land huckster in Glengarry Glen Ross.

Mood Film can also, most wondrously, set an overall mood, a tone to the world on screen, that can induce an inner feeling state in the viewer that may be similar to what the screenwriter or director imagines as the inner feeling state of the major characters.

Photography, setting, lighting, costume, music and editing all can be employed to aid this purpose. Recently watching again Michelangelo Antonioni's masterpiece, L'avventura, I was astonished by the atmosphere of numbing depression and estrangement conveyed in that film, and by the way in which all the elements were built up to achieve this effect: One inexorably feels impinged upon by the bleakness of these bored, well off people.

In the recent film, Pi, Darren Aronofsky employs strongly contrasting black and white images, jerky handheld photography, bold editing and touches of magical realism to impart the sense of paranoid fear and feverish preoccupation that increasingly engulf the protagonist, a mathematician with migrainous fits who is obsessed with discovering formulas that explain how everything in the world works.

The viewer exposed to these marvelously employed effects is hard pressed after awhile not to feel as desperate as the hero appears to be. Character Emotional expression is one aspect of character - which consists of a person's habitual and abiding values, expectations, perspectives, the capacities for intimacy, for work and for change, whims, quirks, perversions, ambitions, vulnerabilities, habits of feeling, thinking, conduct, mannerisms, expression.

As the Reichian psychotherapist, Alexander Lowen, demonstrated, character shows through in surprising ways in physical posture, movement and gesture, as well as in modes of speech. Movies thus can give us not only emotion but many other ingredients of character as well.

But then only if big if the screenwriter and the director, as well as the actor, all understand the character and get it right.Rolling Stones,The - More Hot Rockes (Big Hits & Fazed Cookies) 2LP, Count as Two and not as One * Rolling Stones,The - Ron Wood - Gimme Some Neck, Rolling Stones, Small Faces Romanowski ‎– All Styles All Smiles, Made in Germany, Jazz.

Jul 06,  · The Texas wiener is a German-style frank that comes with chili, mustard and chopped onions, but there are two variations on this specialty: The Plainfield-style Texas wiener, created with a. Although the history of sausage goes back a long way, hot dogs are as American as apple pie.

German Americans brought us weinerwurst, German for Vienna sausage, which eventually became shortened to wiener. Aug 27,  · Marriage Proposal Featuring Hot Dogs Is A Real Wiener Using hot dogs to propose to the love of your life might not seem romantic, but wait until you hear this story.

Vulture provides breaking news and in-depth reporting on the movie industry, including movie reviews, the latest trailers and celebrity interviews. You might be surprised to learn Los Angeles—supposedly the land of kale and lemon water detoxes—houses the most ravenous hot dog eaters in the country, surpassing Chicago and other supposedly wiener-loving cities, the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council reports.

The obsession for hot dogs an analysis of wiener wiener wiener

On the Fourth of July alone, Americans reportedly eat million hot dogs—enough to stretch an epic link of sausages .

The obsession for hot dogs an analysis of wiener wiener wiener