The canterville ghost a summary

Otis, an American minister.

The canterville ghost a summary

Otis and his family come to live in the Canterville Chase, even though they were advised not to, by Lord Canterville. The latter is of the opinion that the Canterville Chase is haunted.

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Otis says that he will take the furniture as well as the Ghost at valuation. The Otis family consists of Mrs. Otis, their daughter Virginia, their twin sons and their eldest son, Washington. Umney is the housekeeper and the Duke of Cheshire, who wants to marry Virginia. Shortly after they start living in the house, no one can deny the presence of Sir Simon de Canterville.

Noises like those of clanking chains, re-appearing bloodstains on the floor, by the fireplace can be witnessed by the family members. But these signs do not frighten the family at all. Otis even gets up on hearing the clanking chains and offers the ghost a lubricant for the same.

The ghost tries to appear in front of the family in the most terrifying guises, but the family does not feel scared at all. At this point, the ghost starts feeling humiliated. The family, time and again keeps offering practical solutions to all the problems that the ghost poses in front of the family, like washing the red blood stains with Pinkerton's Champion Stain Remover and Paragon Detergent: On the other hand, the ghost falls victim to tricks like trip wires, pea shooters, butter-slides, and falling buckets of water.

In a particularly comical scene, he is scared by the sight of a ghost set up by the twins. We get to know about the ghost from his own viewpoint. He displays emotions of bravery, fear, sadness, and depression and weakness.

He shares some of these feelings with Virginia, who he thinks is different from all the other members of the family. He also tells her his backstory, about his wife, Lady Eleanor de Canterville, and Virginia listens to him patiently.

The canterville ghost a summary

Sir Simon de Canterville tells Virginia that she should weep and pray for him, since he has no tears of his own. He also asks her to accompany him to the angel of death and request Death to let him pass on.

Virginia agrees and disappears with Sir Simon to the Garden of Death. Here, she bids the ghost goodbye. She comes back to this world, carrying a lot of jewels.

She lets others know that Sir Simon has passed on to the next world. Sir Simon teaches Virginia the meaning of Life and that of Death. She also learns that Love is stronger than both.

At the end of the story, Virginia is seen getting married to the Duke of Cheshire, once they have both attained marriageable age.The Canterville Ghost, The Happy Prince and Other S by Wilde, Oscar Paperback See more like this SPONSORED The Canterville Ghost + audio CD (Earlyreads) by Ierace, Gaia Book The Fast Free.

THE CANTERVILLE GHOST SUMMARY -UTKARSH PATEL The story begins when Mr Otis and family move to Canterville Chase, despite warnings from Lord Canterville that the house.

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Oscar Wilde's 'The Canterville Ghost' is a story of a family's relationship with a haunted house and the ghost who resides there.

The novel begins with a warning to the Otis Family, who wants to move into the Canterville Chase house. The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde: Summary. Tweet. The Canterville Ghost, by Oscar Wilde, begins when Mr. Otis and his family come to live in the Canterville Chase, even though they were advised not to, by Lord Canterville.

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The latter is of the opinion that the Canterville Chase is haunted. Mr. Essay on Book Review of Novel-the Canterville Ghost Book Review of THE CANTERVILLE GHOST * About the Author Oscar Wilde was an Irish writer and poet.

After writing in different forms throughout the s, he became one of London's most popular playwrights in the early s.

The canterville ghost a summary

In The Canterville Ghost, Virginia befriends the ghost haunting Centerville Chase. She chastises him for rattling his chains like a stereotypical ghost. She helps him cross over into the afterlife.

The Canterville Ghost Summary