Terrorism living in fear

Iqbal Sacranie, secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, urged the prime minister to use his influence to "avert the destruction of an important Muslim country" and warned of deep cynicism among British Muslims about the motives for the war on terror.

Terrorism living in fear

The revolution called for a religious Muslim government that would represent the oppressed and downtrodden.

Know what to do in the event of an attack

Israel was seen as an extension of the United States and a foreign power in Lebanon. Led by religious clerics, the organization wanted to adopt an Iranian doctrine as a solution to Lebanese political malaise.

This doctrine included the use of terror as a means of attainting political objectives. Toward the end ofIran sent fighters to assist in the establishment of a revolutionary Islamic movement in Lebanon. For the next five years Israeli troops worked with the South Lebanese Army to defend the border.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah Terrorism living in fear weapons and and recruited many new members, all with the goal of driving the Israelis out of Lebanon.

To gain support from the local population in South Lebanon, Hezbollah donated money, equipment, and medical supplies. In Octoberthe U. State Department added Hezbollah to its list of terrorist organizations. A prisoner swap was not agreed upon untilfour years after the kidnapping.

The organization funded the Palestinian Authority PA and collaborated with other terrorist organizations, including Hamasto systematize attacks on Israel. Inthe IDF intercepted a Palestinian Authority-owned ship, the Karine -Acarrying 50 tons of weapons, including anti-tank missiles, Katyusha rockets, and long range mortar bombs.

Many of the weapons were made in Iran. A senior Hezbollah member was responsible for loading the weapons onto the ship. During this time, Iran and Syria both financially supported Hezbollah, facilitating its military growth to help enable it to fight Israel with more precision and lethality.

July 8, 2004

Simultaneously, Hezbollah units inside Lebanon began firing katyusha rockets to pound northern Israel and create panic and fear. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah mentioned in various interviews that he did not expect such a high level response and invasion by the IDF following the initial attack but that he believes his forces acted heroically and not only withstood the Israeli assault but inflicted their own damage, killing more than Israeli soldiers.

While Hezbollah is known to have a large quantity of shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles, the IDF now assumes that the Lebanese Islamist group has received the SA-8, a truck-mounted Russian tactical surface- to-air missile system reported to have a range of 30 kilometers.

In addition to the possible transfer of air-defense systems, Hezbollah is also believed to have received several dozen more M long-range missiles, as well as additional mm.

Khaibar-1 rockets, which have a range of about kilometers. In Novembersecurity officials learned that Hezbollah had close to Iranian-made unmanned aerial vehicles UAVincluding those that can track movement from high altitude and "kamikazes" that can avoid capture by radar and fire or drop munitions from low altitudes.

On October 7, an explosive device was detonated on the Israel controlled side of the Israeli-Lebanon border.

Terrorism living in fear

Hezbollah immediately took responsibility for the attack less than 4 hours after it happened, which is surprising considering their record of denying any attacks against Israel that they have been accused of.

This marks the first time that Hezbollah has claimed responsibility for an attack against Israel since the the Second Lebanon War in The explosive device was detonated in the area of Sheeba Farms, an area that Lebanon believes is unrightfully occupied by Israel, and that Syria also claims the rights to.Hezbollah, also known as The Party of God, is a radical Shi’a Muslim group fighting against Israel and “western imperialism” in monstermanfilm.com group does not recognize the legitimacy of the State of Israel and it has labeled as a foreign terrorist organization (FTO) by the U.S.

State Department since October Tony Blair: a liar and a coward War is the greatest interest bearing debt generator known to mankind War is Murder for Profit UNICEF say Iraqi children are dying EVERY MONTH - stop sanctions NOW! To save the lives of innocent fellow countrymen Western rulers must stop military invasions, occupation and covert operations NOW!

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Ethiopia charges 5 with terrorism for trying to 'kill the prime minister' at huge June rally. War on Terror; Clockwise from top left: Aftermath of the September 11 attacks; American infantry in Afghanistan; an American soldier and Afghan interpreter in Zabul Province, Afghanistan; explosion of an Iraqi car bomb in Baghdad.

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