Tchaikovsky biography essay

A disastrous marriage In Tchaikovsky married the twenty-eight-year-old Antonina Miliukova, his student at the conservatory. It has been suggested that she reminded him of Tatiana, a character in his opera Eugene Onegin. His unfortunate wife, who became mentally ill and died innot only suffered rejection by her husband but also the vicious criticism of his brother Modeste Tchaikovsky. Modeste, like Peter, was a misogynist one who hates women.

Tchaikovsky biography essay

Tchaikovsky - Festival Overture,Op. Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake, Op.

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Tchaikovsky - Symphony No. Tchaikovsky - Andante cantabile Loading the player He is regarded as the master composer for classical ballet, as demonstrated by his scores for Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, and Sleeping Beauty.

Among the most subjective of composers, Tchaikovsky is inseparable from his music. His work is a manifestation, sometimes charming, often showy, of repressed feelings that became more and more despairing in later years and were most fully expressed in his Sixth Symphony, one of the greatest symphonic works of its time.

Though his later work rejected conscious Russian nationalism, its underlying sentiment and character are as distinctively Russian as that of the Russian nationalist composers. His success in bridging the gulf between the musician and the general public partly accounts for the position he enjoys in Russia, as well as throughout the world of music.

No composer since Tchaikovsky has suffered more from changes of fashion or from the extremes of over- and under-valuation.

Tchaikovsky biography essay achieved an enormous popularity with a wide audience, largely through his more emotional works; but the almost hypnotic effect that he was able to induce led to serious questioning of his true musical quality. He is certainly the greatest master of the classical ballet.

His last three symphonies are deservedly famous, and to these should be added the neglected Manfred Symphony, the First Piano Concerto and the Violin Concerto.

Notable among his other orchestral works Tchaikovsky biography essay the early Romeo and Juliet Overture and the exquisite Serenade for Strings. His chamber music includes string quartets, solo piano music and many fine songs.

Early life and education Tchaikovsky was born on May 7,in Kamsko-Votkinsk, a small industrial town east of Moscow.

His father was superintendent of government-owned mines, and his mother Alexandra was half French. Tchaikovsky was musically precocious, but his interest was not actively encouraged because his parents felt it had an unhealthy effect on an already neurotically excitable child.

One night after a party, Alexandra found him awake, pointing to his forehead, and crying, "Oh this music, this music! After hearing tunes from the opera Don Giovanni, Pyotr became a lifelong admirer of Mozart.

His childhood piano teacher was Maria Palchikova, a freed serf, and within a year he was able to play better than she could. When his father moved to Moscow and then to St. Though his musical training was informal, the boy composed a waltz for piano in her memory.

Tchaikovsky biography essay

After graduation, Tchaikovsky entered the Ministry of Justice in St. Petersburg as civil servant, a class of workers that represented petty officialdom and oppression to ordinary Russians. Tchaikovsky was not naturally suited to such a job but he remained at the Ministry of Justice for four years, bored but dutiful.

He continued playing the piano and going to concerts. Petersburg Music Conservatory, was the first to see real signs of talent in Tchaikovsky. When he failed to get a promotion at the Ministry, Tchaikovsky resigned and entered the St.

Petersburg Music Conservatory at the age of twenty-two. He supported himself by teaching music, learned to play organ and flute, and joined the Conservatory orchestra.

The cantata was performed January 12,in the presence of a distinguished audience - but Tchaikovsky was too nervous to attend. Career Tchaikovsky settled in Moscow in Januaryalthough he underwent a mental crisis as a consequence of overwork on his Symphony No.

Petersburg, both in their treatment of folk song and in their harmonies deriving from a common link with Mikhail Glinka, the "father" of a Russian nationalist style.

He corresponded with the leader of the group, Mily Balakirev, at whose suggestion he wrote a fantasy overture, Romeo and Juliet In the mids he had another nervous breakdown.

One of the symptoms of this nadir in his life was almost hysterical activity in composition culminating in the Symphony No. Late inTchaikovsky had begun an extraordinary correspondence with an admirer of his compositions, the wealthy widow Nadezhda von Meck.

She created an annuity sufficient to allow Tchaikovsky to devote himself entirely to composition. By her wish, the two never met. Their intimate correspondence was more revealing of her than of Tchaikovsky.

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Wishing always to be liked, he was apt to write what he thought people wanted to read rather than what he really thought. The detailed program of his Fourth Symphony, which he made up especially for her, is generally regarded with circumspection. He later averred that replying to her frequently effusive letters had become "irksome.

The years to also included several major achievements:Free Essay: The Life of Peter Tchaikovsky Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, also spelled Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, was born in Votkinsk, in the city of Vyatka. Tchaikovsky Essays: Over , Tchaikovsky Essays, Tchaikovsky Term Papers, Tchaikovsky Research Paper, Book Reports.

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Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was born in Votkinsk, a small town in Vyatka Governorate (present-day Udmurtia) in the Russian Empire, into a family with a long line of military father, Ilya Petrovich Tchaikovsky, had served as a lieutenant colonel and engineer in the Department of Mines, and would manage the Kamsko-Votkinsk Ironworks.

His grandfather, Pyotr Fedorovich Tchaikovsky (né. Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky Biography by Robert Cummings Tchaikovsky was a major Russian composer of the late 19th century best known for his soaring melodies, brilliant orchestration, and . Gay men have taken to their hearts the music of Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky () because it is perceived (rightly or wrongly) to contain all the longing and despair of homosexual angst in a homophobic world.

In any case Tchaikovsky’s own comments quoted at the beginning of this essay indicate that a suspicion of homosexuality was often. Biography Tchaikovsky was a leading Russian composer of the late 19th century, whose works are notable for their melodic inspiration and their orchestration.

He is regarded as the master composer for classical ballet, as demonstrated by his scores for Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, and Sleeping Beauty.

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