Space exploration worth it

By Mike Wall, Space. And the orbiter fleet never flew more than nine missions in a single year. The shuttle program is drawing to a close, with its last-ever mission — the STS flight of Atlantis — slated to launch Friday July 8.

Space exploration worth it

June 10, The publication contributed this article to Space. Why do we need to go to Mars? How many pictures of galaxies do we need?

Surely that money could be better spent on more worthy areas, such as health and education? But the millions do not go up in smoke: Rockets and spaceflight instruments do not assemble themselves.

They are designed and built by people, who get paid.

Space exploration worth it

They are fabricated from components which have to be manufactured and then purchased. The community engaged in the space industry includes specialist scientists and engineers, designers, graphic artists and IT professionals, as well as a vast support system: HR, catering, cleaning, etc.

This is where much of the space budget is spent - on salaries that in turn generate a market for other goods and services houses, clothing, food — as well as returning funds to the government through taxation.

In fact, the European Space Agency might be regarded as a massive money-spinning operation, in which every euro contributed by the government is returned ten-fold to the nation in terms of the value of the jobs generated. Jobs, services and technology Credit: When talking about space, people usually think about stars and galaxies, wonderful images from telescopes, Neil Armstrong walking on the Moon, the rings of Saturn, and so on.

Looking much closer to home, the armada of satellites orbiting the Earth that, among many other things, beam information to satellite navigation systems, broadcast television programmes and monitor the weather are part of a global space network. These are daily services which we take for granted, and are rarely, if ever, considered as "space exploration.

So we need more teachers, more trained scientists and engineers — and more space industry. Is space a waste of money? The author recently gave a talk on this topic at the Cheltenham Science Festival.

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This version of the article was originally published on Space.Aug 19,  · Space exploration has also been one of the most powerful drivers of science and technology education in this country.

Ask how many of today’s leading scientists and engineers were inspired by the space program and by the science-fiction shows and movies that fed off of it.

What is space exploration worth? In the hours after Curiosity launched last month, there were more than a few people questioning the worth of spending two and a half billion dollars to launch a spacecraft to Mars.

This is absolutely a fair question to ask. Space exploration is worth it. The leading cause of more jobs mainly comes from space exploration. With different technologies like fire-proof suits and grooved landing grounds/gear, over 1,, jobs are made because of it.

Asking if space exploration — with humans or robots or both — is worth the effort is like questioning the value of Columbus’s voyages to the New World in the late s. The promise at the time was obvious to some, but not to others.

Space Exploration Essay Words | 8 Pages. 2/20/14 Space Exploration Space Exploration is an interesting part of today’s society. There are kids across the world with lifelong dreams of . Where would we be now if we didn’t have the internet? These are daily services which we take for granted, and are rarely, if ever, considered as “space exploration”.

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