Princess september maugham

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Princess september maugham

Brief Introduction of the story Princess September is a story of a princess of Siam, now a day Siam is known as the Thailand.

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Princess father, the king of Siam had a strange idea about naming his children. When he had only two daughters, he named them Day and Night, when two more were added, he named them Spring, Autumn, Winter and Summer.

Then three more daughters were born. He named them again by the days of the week.

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When the eighth daughter arrived he named them again by the months, and when the ninth daughter was born, he named the child by September. Thus, she was called the Princess September.

She was the last daughter of the king of Siam and thereafter the Queen gave birth only baby boys. The first eight daughters had bitter mood as their names were changed more than once.

Also the king had another habit of giving birthday presents. On one birthday, he gave the present of green parrots in a beautiful golden cage to each of his daughters. Then a tiny bird came to her and sang musical songs, she became very happy; but her sisters advised her to cage the bird into a golden cage, which has been gifted by her father.

And when the bird was caged, it stopped singing, and did not eat food and drink very well. The little bird was suffocated into the golden cage. The bird wanted to freedom from this beautiful golden cage.

Finally princess September made it free, and then she was married to King of Cambodia and lived a happy life with him. Here question arises what is mean by a fairy tale? Fairy tale means something far beyond this world or out of this actual world or supernatural, or belonging to the land of fairies, or non-human.


There are five elements that clearly show the fairy-like atmosphere, background and condition. First of all the title of the story, itself like fairy. The word September is the name of the month, a non-human element, and it is used for the name of the princess because she is the ninth daughter, as the month of September is ninth in the year.

The jealousy and envies of the other eight princesses towards September also makes the story a fairy tale.September try to console the bird saying that she had caged the bird because of her love for it. The distraught bird did not sing the whole day and stopped eating its food.

The next morning the princess noticed the bird lying in the cage still. Princess September by W.

Princess September by Somerset Maugham.

Somerset Maugham. W. Somerset Maugham traveled widely in Southeast Asia and the Far East. Obviously, he was a keen observer of . Workbook Answers/Solutions of A Collection of ICSE Poems and Short Stories, Princess September by - W.

Princess september maugham

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Somerset Maugham's Princess September and the Nightingale was originally published in by Oxford University Press.

Long out of print, it is now reissued with the original text and illustrations. The story is a classic tale of Siam (now Thailand), one of the few available that portray this culture/5.

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