Notting hill carnival essay

Hire Writer In nottinghill carnival became a nationwide event attracting more than 1 million people worldwide and contributing towards 93million towards the U. The strength of he carnival just kept on getting greater and greater, the increase in tourism within the U.

Notting hill carnival essay

As a consequence countries are increasingly looking for ways to highlight their advantages in order to produce a variety of social, economic, environmental and cultural benefits that, in turn, reflect the area. We will write a custom essay sample on The Notting Hill Carnival or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Heritage and cultural tourism is a fast growing sector within the tourism industry with a rise in the number of tourists who look for culture, history and interaction with local people Hollinshead, The multifaceted nature of urban tourism and the use of heritage and cultural events as a vehicle for its production, are both difficult when describing and interpreting them Laws, Therefore the aim of this report is to address the implications and changes to the heritage and culture tourist industry and how this has impacted upon the execution of cultural events, especially the Notting Hill Carnival in London.

Heritage and Cultural Events Major events can be an advantageous way with which to position a destination and all that it represents, promoting it to the world stage. It has been suggested that destinations have become a place product, with Selby indicating that cultural events are able to improve and create unique place products, a concept that is both attractive to the consumer and the producers.

Major events around the world have been used as a means to raise destination image, Notting hill carnival essay their cultural offerings and benefitting the economy.

The Liverpool European Capital of Culture attracted 9. It is estimated 2. However with economic benefits of these kinds, it has resulted in cultural and heritage tourism becoming more competitive and the events industry has witnessed destinations developing a more strategic approach when delivery these kind of events.

The Notting Hill Carnival Within various countries the cultural strategy for urban tourism is the same, in that it is a growth factor in boosting the culture of the area and spreading tourist activity within the region Richards, A city which has utilised this approach is London by using events as a catalyst for bringing the diverse cultures of the area together and enhancing the tourists experience within the city.

From these comments it suggests that the public identify with the ethos of the carnival and its place within mainstream culture. A theory which Bowdin et alp. The origins of the carnival can be seen as being purely cultural with the carnival stemming from freed slaves in the Caribbean, make musical instruments out of materials they have around them, as any other instruments were banned by the British and the French.

Originating inthe carnival is regarded the largest festival in Europe and is only 2nd in the world to the Rio de Janeiro Festival The Notting Hill Carnival, However it was suggested by Alleyne- Dettmeersp.

The use of cultural tourism as a mechanism for promoting areas, has come under scrutiny in recent times due to the loss of authenticity, commoditisation and romanticization, factors which will be discussed theoretically and in the context of the Notting Hill Carnival further. The Commodified Event Increased competition, within the industry, has resulted in cities adopting brand strategies and participating in destination marketing Evans, however it has been suggested that by branding events, events have become a reproduction of others and have actually lost the competitive advantage they possessed before Harvey, It has been discussed that places are becoming areas of consumption rather than production, a theory which was furthered by Richards who suggested that processes of serial reproduction may impact upon the city in the long term as events lose their competitive advantage, which they intended to enhance in the first place.

It has been suggested that the Notting Hill Carnival has become a brand. However in turning the carnival into a brand, it has become susceptible to commercialization, losing the cultural identity it possessed previously.

The emphasis has been on the culture of places being the reflection of its uniqueness and distinctiveness. There has become more attempts to identify an areas cultural or heritage properties, which will set it aside from other places. Richards proposed that culture had become a product and not that of a process.

Notting hill carnival essay

A theory which Urry agreed with when he noticed the impact of commodification of a place, where the area becomes the product, that can be packaged, presented and sold, something which is at threat of happening at the Notting Hill Carnival.

The tensions between the commercialisation and the authenticity of the carnival have been questioned due to funding issues within the management. Unlike the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, which is thought to be the only carnival in the world to have official sponsors such as, You tube who broadcasted the event to the wider audience who could not attend Woodroofe, It has been implied that the marketing of the Notting Hill Carnival is a romanticised view, an event that is uplifting and joyful as not to remind people of its true past.

A former chair of the carnival committee, Ansel Wang implied that the masquerade tradition had in fact just become an event to dress up in different clothing and enjoy a street party.

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The European Centre for Traditional and Regional Cultures considered events to be one of the highlights of cultural tourism Richards, however such events are at risk of losing their authenticity due to commodification.Notting Hill: A Walking Guide A new title from Julian Mash - writer, musician, creative - who has lived and worked in Notting Hill for over a decade.

This stylish pocket-size guide is illustrated with hand drawn maps and photographs and uncovers the hidden Notting Hill through four guided walks. Notting Hill Carnival – a day of awesome carnage!

The Notting Hill Carnival has been an annual event in London since It’s one of the world’s largest street festivals and over a million people descend on one small location in London to party up a storm for two whole days. The Notting Hill Carnival has been running for almost 40 years and never fails to impress.

As my mates and I reached The Harrow Road we could hear the sounds of reggae being blasted out of huge speakers getting louder and louder the closer we got.

Strategic Analysis Of Carnival Corporation And Plc Tourism Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student.

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. You can view samples of our professional work here. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in. The Economic Impact of Notting Hill Carnival Essay. Abstract The Notting Hill Carnival is a vital cultural event in West London and a precious constituent of the London Image - The Economic Impact of Notting Hill Carnival Essay introduction.

The event has . The Notting Hill Carnival Within various countries the cultural strategy for urban tourism is the same, in that it is a growth factor in boosting the culture of the area and spreading tourist activity within the region (Richards, ).

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