Medical marijuana legalization and controversy

However, scientific study of the chemicals in marijuana, called cannabinoids, has led to two FDA-approved medications that contain cannabinoid chemicals in pill form. Continued research may lead to more medications. Because the marijuana plant contains chemicals that may help treat a range of illnesses and symptoms, many people argue that it should be legal for medical purposes.

Medical marijuana legalization and controversy

Politicians push to give veterans the right to use medical cannabis Nov 14, Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie will consider allowing VA benefits to go toward medical marijuana for veterans, if and when it Midterm elections and marijuana: As the cannabis debate heats up in conservative Utah, a state senator decided to try it for himself Nov 06, The great medical marijuana legalization debate in the conservative state of Utah is sparking some interesting events as both sides gear up for a Prohibition recedes across the globe as medical cannabis becomes legal in the UK Nov 05, Starting November 1, the United Kingdom began allowing expert doctors to legally issue prescriptions for cannabis and cannabis-based medicines These six states will all be voting on marijuana initiatives in November Oct 14, Six out of ten Americans are in favor of legalization, and this statistic is urging many state senators and representatives to push sometimes The cannabis antidote to the opioid epidemic?

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Patient education, good doctors, and tight controls Oct 10, After retiring from the Drug Enforcement Administration a few years ago as a senior investigator focusing on controlled substance compliance, I Fresh off his primary win, Gov.

Cuomo signs bill expanding medical cannabis as opioid alternative Sep 25, Fresh off of his win against Democratic primary challenger Cynthia Nixon, New York State Gov.

What is medical marijuana? A World of Controversy Penalties against possession of a drug should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself—and where they are they should be changed. However, cannabis is an ancient medication with a wide margin of safety and it is useful in an array of medical conditions and ailments.
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Andrew Cuomo signed legislation on Monday that adds Jimmy Buffett to launch medical marijuana brand with Surterra Wellness Sep 18, Last week Jimmy Buffett announced that he would be launching a new brand of medical marijuana with partner Surterra Wellness.

In Michigan, 98 medical marijuana dispensaries forced to close while hundreds more await application review Sep 17, In accordance with an emergency regulation adopted on September 11 by the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, 98 medicalIn the United States, the use of cannabis for medical purposes is legal in 31 states, plus the territories of Guam and Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia, as of June Fifteen other states have more restrictive laws limiting THC content, for the purpose of allowing access to products that are rich in cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive .

Perhaps the most promising insight surrounding this controversy is the fact that a growing number of medical experts are now prescribing their patients medical marijuana to treat a myriad of conditions from cancer to HIV/AIDS, a similar culprit, if you recall, as our new viral enemy, Ebola. This page is an overview of State Question Ballotpedia has compiled details about the proposal, the text of the measure, supporters and opponents, arguments for and against, campaign finance information, background on the status of medical marijuana, and how the measure got on the ballot.

medical marijuana & legalization Many veterans suffering from chronic pain and PTSD report improved healthcare outcomes from medical cannabis and I’m proud to stand with the American Legion in calling for the removal of cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug and permit its .

The Marijuana Debate

A collection of CNN stories about the marijuana legalization debate. Historic victory: The Yes on 4 Campaign. Having played an important role in decriminalizing marijuana and legalizing medical marijuana through ballot initiatives — in and respectively — the Marijuana Policy Project and local allies began laying the groundwork for a legalization campaign in

Medical marijuana legalization and controversy
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