King guido essay

Fawkes, pronounced fawks Guy, English conspirator, born in York. A protestant by birth, he became a Roman Catholic after the marriage of his widowed mother to a man of Catholic background and sympathies Miller

King guido essay

He founded the abbey of Grestain after [18]. It is possible that either Herluin or his wife were related to an ancestor of Robert of Rhuddlan see above: The relationship between the two families has not been traced. The dating of her marriage is in doubt: Orderic Vitalis calls her "Duke Robert's concubine", and specifies her marriage, referring to her husband as stepfather to Duke Guillaume [24].

She presumably died before her husband founded the abbey of Grestain as she is not referred to in the abbey's confirmation charter dated 14 Nov [25].

She is named as the wife of Herluin in the confirmation charter of the abbey of Grestain, dated 14 Nov [27]. Florence of Worcester names Robert as the brother of King William I "but only on his mother's side" [29].

Radulfus, quem de alia conjuge procreaverat, fratresque suos uterinos: Geoffrey Richard Driscoll Tobin has suggested that the third and fourth witnesses in the following charter were Robert and Eudes, sons of Vicomte Herluin [31]: No brothers named Vicomte Robert and Eudes have been identified among the Breton nobility at the time, and the suggestion is plausible.

If correct, it has several implications. Firstly, the order of their names indicates that Robert was older than his brother Eudes. Secondly, this would be the only primary source which indicates that Robert bore the vicecomital title before the death of his father.

Rodbertus comes Moritoliensis, Willermi ducis uterinus frater King William I granted him nearly all the land of Cornwall as a reward for his participation at the battle of Hastings inbut he does not seem to have been created Earl of Cornwall, continuing to be referred to as "comes Moritoniensis" [36].

King guido essay

The necrology of the church of Mortain records the death "8 Dec" of "Robertus comes Moretonii fundator istius ecclesie" [39]. Robert of Torigny names "unum filium Guillermum et tres filias" as the children of "Robertus comes Moritonii uterinus frater Willermi regis" [47]. He succeeded his father as Comte de Mortain, and in the latter's lands in Cornwall.

He unsuccessfully claimed the earldom of Kent on the death of his uncle Eudes [49]. Florence of Worcester records that "Willelmus comes de Moreteon" rebelled against Henry I King of England, who confiscated all his English lands in [] [52].

Florence of Worcester also records that "comes Willelmus de Moretonio" fought with Robert Duke of Normandy against King Henry I at Tinchebrai in [], was captured, but later escaped and fled [53].

Orderic Vitalis records that he was imprisoned for many years and all his honours forfeited [54]. He became a Cluniac monk at Bermondsey in It is probable that this daughter was the same person as one of the other daughters of Robert who are named below.

Robert of Torigny names "unum filium Guillermum et tres filias" as the children of "Robertus comes Moritonii uterinus frater Willermi regis", specifying that one unnamed daughter mentioned second married "Guido de Laval" [57].

A charter dated records that "Guido junior" succeeded "in paternum…honorem" on the death of "Haimonis senioris de Valle Guidonis" and that when, after some time, "supradicti domni Guidonis conjugem" died, he granted further rights to Marmoutier when she was buried "juxta patrem suum Haimonem" [61].

There appears to be no way of dating the original return of the property in question. Abbess of Notre-Dame de Saintes, she is named in charters dated, and [67]. Robert of Torigny names "unum filium Guillermum et tres filias" as the children of "Robertus comes Moritonii uterinus frater Willermi regis", specifying that one unnamed daughter mentioned first married "Andreas de Vitreio" [70].

The donor in the document is identified as Guillaume X Duke of Aquitaine.

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The best explanation is that the three subscribers were sisters who were the only surviving representatives of the Mortain family and joint holders of an interest in the properties donated.

The churches in question have not been identified. It should be pointed out that it is not obvious how the Mortain or Montgommery families, based in Normandy, would have held interests in churches which were presumably located in the Saintonge area of the duchy of Aquitaine.

However, in that case the potential common interest in the donated properties would not apply and it is then difficult to understand the reason for Agnes subscribing the document. The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified. Florence of Worcester names Eudes as the brother of King William I "but only on his mother's side" [76].

He is said to have taken an active part in the preparation of the Norman invasion of England and was present at the battle of Hastings 23 Oct Boccaccio's "On Famous Women" ("De claris mulieribus") is a remarkable work that contains the lives of one hundred and six women in myth and history, ranging from Eve to Boccaccio's contemporary, Queen Giovanna I of Naples.

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King guido essay

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