Essays my favourite cartoon character

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Essays my favourite cartoon character

But this series still continues to rule hearts. The series is loved by one and all and holds a very special place in hearts of many.

The plot originally deals with Tom and Jerry as main characters. Tom is the big, hungry cat while Jerry is the brave, cute mouse.

The series unwinds a cat-mouse camaraderie and wins hearts of millions of people watching it on a daily basis. Normally, a cat overpowers a mouse and eats it as a meal.

But, in this case, even though Tom makes all efforts to devour Jerry yet Jerry succeeds in one way or the other by escaping him in the nick of time. But the series of events that takes place during this facade is hilariously amusing.

One shot is about minutes in length. Thus, it does not bore the viewers out of their mind and keeps them interested in the episode. The best thing about this series is that it never fails to entertain people. It keeps them on their toes with the amusing tricks and hacks of both the characters.

Initially, when the series develops, some more additional changes were made to it. When it was first aired on television, it was aired in black and white colors. But as technology developed, we see the characters gaining colors which make their sight even more pleasant.

But with the sophistication in technology, the characters gained voice and the screenplay was also customized to add background music to the effect.

Though, till this date the characters have not been given much voice, but in some later episodes it was seen that the characters used their voices once or twice.

Essays my favourite cartoon character

But the team behind the cartoon series made sure that the series retained its original charm and did not stray haywire. They make our life worth living. I have an uncanny affection towards them.

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I have learnt to relate to them in a prolific manner. The charm of this series cannot be stolen by any new generation cartoon series.

All the other series are just hollow who play with the minds of children just to earn a few bucks. It provides ample entertainment without indulging in obscene acts or usage of abusive language.

In some series, Tom and Jerry even befriend each other for their own ulterior motives and entertain the audiences together against a common enemy. I guess that episode has still not been designed when Tom finally eats up Jerry. So, we see that out Tom is always at a disadvantage.

But nevertheless, Tom still manages to win over hearts. The designing, screenplay and script of the TV show is minimalist with no confusing complications. Yet it is so enticing that viewers cannot stop themselves from being hooked onto this TV series.

It is an easy on the mind show which ensures viewers a roller coaster ride of adventure, laughter, sorrow, joy and trouble. Tom and Jerry when together are always trouble and no one can stop them from the creation of mayhem and euphoria.

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Essays my favourite cartoon character

Charlotte Mew Chronology with mental, historical and geographical connections linking with her own words, and listing her essays, stories, poems and friends. Simple essay/paragraph for kids, children and students about Chotta Bheem. My favourite cartoon character is Chotta Bheem.

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I also like the character Chutki in Chotta Bheem. All these qualities of Bheem make him my favourite character. But as you know Bheem is not a real character, so we should not imitate him.

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