Discourse community essay outline

Towards a queer ecology. Organization Environment, 15 Environmental movements have begun to link racial injustice with injustice towards the environment. Indigenous communities point to the fact that environmental destruction and the destruction of their ways of life are conjoined.

Discourse community essay outline

Faculty teach from a perspective of social justice to empower students as human beings with unique experiences, abilities, and ideas. I got to analyze a discourse community of my own choice. The discourse community I chose to analyze was on Police Officers.

In this discussion post I got to think of what a discourse community is. I learned to incorporate supporting texts from John Swales article through listing the defining characteristic. I learned to reflect on Swales article on discourse communities, by knowing the characteristics of a discourse community.

I got the chance to provide specific examples to demonstrate the six characteristics Swales mention. The discussion post and discussion we had in class gave me a insight on what to write on our first-timed essay.

As the beginning of the semester progressed I got to know what a discourse community was from our discussion posts on canvas and the discussion we had in class. One of the challenges I had was getting started on finding a discourse community to discuss about and what examples I can use for the essay.

I learned in this essay through my own authentic voice to communicate clearly of what a discourse community Discourse community essay outline.

I incorporated multimedia images I had found online for my written essay. One of the multimedia images was a Police Officer badge which represents the discourse community of a police officer serving to protect the community. I was also aware on how a discourse community communicates through their own language.

I got to print out a anonymous survey that lets the community provide feedback to Police Officers. I got to incorporate lexis which are the vocabulary police officer uses. As a result of this assignment I learned how to incorporate textual evidence from John Swales article.

Discourse community essay outline

I also got to print out multimedia images whether it was a badge, police-report form, the term of agreements of being a police officer.

I got to communicate clearly what a discourse community was from mentioning the six defining characteristic John Swales mentions. A PowerPoint presentation Professor Rosales presented in class. Before I jumped into writing the first-timed essay in the beginning of the semester, I got a good idea to know exactly where I was going with my topic to write about.

As a result of this discussion, I learned more about discourse communities and how language and power affects a community.

Time Essay 1 in class A discourse community is a group of people who share the same common goals. A example of a discourse community are Police Officers.

Police Officers share the same goals to protect and serve the community. They also use their own text and language they speak to communicate.

Police Officers within the discourse community have a relationship between language and power by sharing common public goals, having a common text used to report crime, using jargons inside the community to communicate, and receiving feedback from outside sources.

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Police officers in the law enforcement have a agreed set of common goals. In the law enforcement, the police officers have a code of ethics. Police Officers who join the community will have to agree to these ethics. The code of ethics is important to members of the law enforcement because they agree to core values of serving and protecting the public community.

One of the core values police officers share in common is being dedicated to enhance public safety and reducing the incidence of crimes. The code of ethics is also important for Polices Officers because they must agree to the ethics before joining the police force.

They are also committed to leadership. Each Police Officer individually needs to be a lender in his or her own responsibility. The purpose having a responsibility in the Police Force is to show power by following the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.

When Police Officers in the community are all informed by knowing and abiding to the code of ethics, they share the knowledge they learn to new Police Officers joining the force. The goal of this is to show new Police Officers who join the community is to learn from the veterans.

Police Officers in the discourse community have to learn the code of ethics, have to become committed, and have to help out the community to be in the discourse community. Police Officers also have a common from to report a incident or investigation. When a report is filed, other Police Officers in the community can view the report to investigate the crime.A discourse community is a group of people who share a particular interest and use a certain register of language to communicate with each other.

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A register is another way in which how something is said or written and can be just as important as what is said or written for the meaning of the 4/4(3). Being in a discourse community has made me put these appeals into perspective. Understanding that being in that community made me a stronger woman.

This will give me a chance to show you, my professor and classmates that softball is indeed a sport. In order to be accepted into a discourse community, a person must learn typical ways people in that community communicate and argue.

In this paper I will prove that I entered the discourse community of my high school soccer team by acquiring knowledge, establishing my credibility, and learning the game I . Page 1 Blake Kiedrowski Mr.

Hildenbrandt Writing Seminar 11/22/14 Discourse Community Essay Best Buddies Discourse community, a term given multiple definitions, has been most consistently defined as a group of people, who normally meet in a certain place, that have texts and practices in monstermanfilm.com Swales, the author of The Concept of Discourse Community.

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A discourse community is a group of people who speak and share the same interests in certain topics, knowledge, and vocabulary; they also use similar jargons specific to that community.

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