Devotional essay

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Devotional essay

Sider and Heidi Rolland Unruh Many churches sense a responsibility to reach out to the world outside their walls, but they respond to this call in different ways. Churches might focus on the spiritual dimension of human need, helping people to develop a relationship with God.

They might emphasize people's social and emotional well-being by providing services or advocating for justice. Or they might blend these priorities. We found five basic types of ways that churches integrate sharing faith and meeting social needs.

We show our faith in God through our kindness to others. Faith motivates and shapes their outreach, but the focus of their ministry is meeting social needs, not nurturing faith in others.

They may sense that they get more spiritual inspiration from those they serve than vice versa.

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This approach echoes a saying of St. Or they may consider it inappropriate to try to persuade others to change their beliefs. Past negative experiences with insensitive forms of evangelism can also contribute to this attitude.

Evangelism is valued and practiced, but not in the context of social ministry. It's Jesus, but it's also Jesus and potatoes and greens, and Jesus and a good, decent house. Individual programs focus primarily on one or the other, with little overlap in staff.

Social ministries normally do not include overt faith sharing with beneficiaries; evangelism ministries do not meet material needs.

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Some churches have different ministry aims for different contexts: In some cases, this dualism has practical origins. Economic development or political advocacy often require staff with a specialized set of technical or professional skills.

Such ministries may be less likely to draw staff committed to the church's religious tradition. In cases where the social ministry is funded by public dollars, expectations for the "separation of church and state" may limit its religious character.

Dualism can also result from the way a church defines "mission. Sometimes groups within a congregation support different mission priorities, creating tension between evangelism and social action.

Evangelism and social ministry are practiced. We must get excited about the whole gospel to minister to whole persons. This type is based on the belief that the physical, spiritual, moral, and relational dimensions of human nature are intertwined.

Promoting social and spiritual well-being are equally important, and interdependent, aspects of church mission. Meeting social needs opens doors to sharing faith, and spiritual nurture is believed to enhance the outcomes of social interventions.

Churches in this type encourage faith commitments in the context of social ministries. Service beneficiaries may or may not be required to participate in religious activities, but they are given the opportunity to learn about Christian faith in one way or another. Some social service programs have a built-in spiritual dimension: Other programs take a less direct, more informal approach.

Christian staff and volunteers cultivate personal relationships and look for opportunities to initiate a spiritual dialogue with beneficiaries. They invite beneficiaries to church services or special events where they can hear a religious message.Apr 29,  · View and download devotion essays examples.

Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your devotion essay. Apr 07,  · Editor’s Note: Ed Stetzer is president of LifeWay Research, an evangelical research organization.

Devotional essay

He blogs at and his most recent book is "Subversive Kingdom." By Ed Stetzer, Special to CNN (CNN) -- The first time I dealt with mental illness in .

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Featured Article: The Voice of One. It is often a desert, and most certainly desolate. It is the place wherein we stand as one--alone. We dare not rely on the support of others and we are careful not to place false expectations in others. These devotionals will allow you to encounter the presence of God and be transformed as you develop a spiritual discipline of meeting with Jesus daily.

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