Dairy alternative beverage market trends

In the past, if you avoided dairy, this typically meant that coffee creamer was out of the picture. But at the very least, you probably had a carton of plant-based milk in your fridge that you could use as a substitute.

Dairy alternative beverage market trends

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To that end, savory snacking options will beckon from the grocery store dairy casecalling out to be eaten at any time of the day. Dairy snack products whose packaging promotes portability and portion control will simplify consumers' busy lives, and provide convenient access to nutritious, healthful dairy foods.

Barbarians at the Perimeter - the Dairy Alternatives Market The recent European Union ruling against soy products marketed with dairy terminology, like the parallel regulatory skirmish in the U. Consumers increasingly seek fresh, whole, natural foods, while budging very little in the priority on convenience.

The new generation of refrigerated plant milks - with almond milk and novel blends leading the dairy-free charge-represent far more dangerous competition to dairy milk than soy milk, safely tucked away in the center store, in perfunctory flavors and in shelf-stable aseptic packaging that does not signal either fresh or milk-like status to U.

Bottled Water Beverage News Comax Flavors releases flavor trends Study examines flavored water consumption habits. Dorner, MULTIVAC, Wildeck, Glue Dots and Lyco exhibiting at PACK EXPO PackExpo International is the largest packaging and . Nov 28,  · Food Trends. Global Food Forums again is compiling top trend lists on food, beverage and nutritional product trends for Many trends directly related to our conferences: the Clean Label Conference, Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar, and Sweetener Systems monstermanfilm.com see the slideshow of innovative new .

What a difference refrigerated formulation and the familiar table-top carton makes. Product segments are mushrooming, morphing, stealing thunder from rivals, and gesticulating wildly to attract attention.

With grass-fed, dairy milk is taking a page from the meat case. With the Mediterranean diet in mind, butter has been wedded to olive oil. As consumers rethink their snack food choices, cheese marketers are co-bundling with meat snacks and nuts. With branded refrigerated guacamole dips, avocadoes have slid over from the fresh produce section.

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With refrigerated hummus spreads, chickpeas have leapt out of the center store. And meaningful branding, in the refrigerated cases, means dollars.

Even nutrition bars and nut butters are getting chill with products such as Perfect Bar Almond Butter. Non-Dairy Ice Cream The mature ice cream and frozen desserts market has had little growth in recent years. Plant-based ice cream showcases itself as a rich source of vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

Non-dairy and plant-milk based beverages are entrenched in mainstream supermarkets. Refrigerated plant milks began their presence in grocery stores off in the center store, but now sit amongst dairy-based products in the refrigerated dairycase.

Dairy alternative beverage market trends

Conventional dairy-based milk marketers inevitably caught wind of refrigerated plant milk's incursion into the 'traditional' dairycase. Dairy industry leaders argue that plant milk-based products could potentially mislead consumers into thinking they are purchasing dairy milk, since non-dairy milk products contain different nutritional content than their dairy counterparts.

Some dairy industry leaders, instead of fighting alternative dairy's market growth, seem to be taking advantage of dairy's market shift. Clean Label in the Dairycase Consumers often favor products made with "pure", "real", and organic ingredients.

Dairy alternative beverage market trends

According to a Packaged Facts National Consumer Survey, more than a third of younger consumers, those between 18 and 34 years old, say they are paying more attention to product claims and nutritional information for plant milks, cheese, and dairy milks, among other products.

But what does "clean label" actually mean to customers?Dairy-free milk is a common source of nutrition for many following a plant-based diet.

You can use it for coffee, oatmeal, to dip your cookies in, to sip before bed and for baking sweet, delicious. Upcoming supplier webinars. 27 Sep Thu Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany Convenient Media – A reliable alternative to traditional methods?; 18 Oct Thu Beneo Connecting Nutrition & Health Label-friendly texturising solutions.

A natural, sensorial sensation. 24 Oct Wed Ashland: Solving vegan and plant-protein . The Europe Dairy Alternative Market is anticipated to register a CAGR of %, during the forecast period, Europe Dairy Alternative Market – Growth, Trends, and Forecasts () The mainstream retailers have recorded the maximum sale of dairy alternative beverages.

European sales of soya milk and non-dairy drinks are. Global Industry News. Plant-based and dairy drive growth in yogurt side-by-side, Danone exec says from monstermanfilm.com; Mondelēz International Foundation: Industry must 'be at the table' in fighting childhood obesity from monstermanfilm.com; A .

Dairy alternative products are substitutes for cow’s milk, which are processed from cereals, nuts, and seeds of certain plants. This food group is a vital part of a healthy and balanced diet as they are good sources of calcium, protein, and vitamins, which are necessary Brand: Coherent Market Insights.

Dairy and Dairy Alternative Beverage Trends in the U.S., 4th Edition Visit our 'Dairy & Dairy Alternatives' curated page for complete industry coverage. Per capita consumption of fluid milk beverages decreased by close to 22% from to

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