Coolibar inc s uv protective clothes business

Inover 58 thousand people were diagnosed with the melanomas of the skin, and 8, people died from the affliction. Not ready to fry up and become another statistic, I'm pretty careful about sun protection. That said, I don't always have time to put sunscreen on more than just my face, and I neither like the feeling of sticky arms nor the dreadful heat of extra layers of sun-protecting clothing on hot summer days.

Coolibar inc s uv protective clothes business

Coolibar inc s uv protective clothes business

One element, though, can make or break those plans: Though essential for the perfect beach day, overexposure carries the risk of sunburn in the short term and skin cancer down the road. In addition to packing the sunscreen this summer, why not try out clothing with UV protection built in?

Coolibar inc s uv protective clothes business

Dyes, additive treatments and the make of the fabric all contribute to sun-protective clothing. Hats, swimwear, tees and umbrellas are all popular wearables that protect from the sun.

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In particular, polos make a great UV protectant product, as they are used for golfing, promotional events and even casual wear. While selling UV-protectant items, it is important to understand how the materials work as clients will have questions about this relatively new technology.

Think hospitality, workwear and corporate when considering potential pitches. Employees in those fields need uniforms that protect them from the sun.


Customers should know the different ratings of UV-protectant clothing before purchasing, and the following chart demonstrates how this rating system works:Buy Sun Protective Clothing Online for Your Family Many of us have felt the stinging pain that comes from spending a little too much time out in the sun.

A sunburn is far from healthy so it is important to protect your skin from damage when possible. A major goal for all Coolibar’s UV protective clothing and UV protective swimwear designs is to cover as much skin as possible while still making the garment cool and comfortable to wear.

Their designs use hidden ventilation and specialized moisture managing UPF 50+ rated fabrics to achieve these dual goals of comfort and maximum skin coverage. A growing number of companies are starting to offer clothes with UPF, or ultraviolet protection factor.

Think of it as the sartorial equivalent of sunscreen’s SPF, but with UPF you don’t have. SunProtection Australia insists on using only the highest quality UPF50+ protective fabric. The fabric has a unique multi-filament fibre that makes for a fine and . We offer stylish sun protective clothing and swimwear with 50+ UV protection.

Our collection of SPF beachwear includes rashguards, swimsuits, hats, cover-ups, beach bags, sunglasses, sunscreen and more for children & women.

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Shop eBay for great deals on Coolibar Clothing for Women. You'll find new or used products in Coolibar Clothing for Women on eBay. Coolibar Women's UV Protective 50 Plus Black Gray Floral Tunic Dress Swim Size M. Excellent pre-owned condition.

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This cardigan is made by Coolibar and has built in UV protection. $ Brand: Coolibar. $5.

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