An argument in favor of microevolution and its impacts on macroevolution

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An argument in favor of microevolution and its impacts on macroevolution

Report this Argument Pro Thank you for your willingness to debate this subject. In this round, I am going to defend evolution and bring forth evidence for its theory.

The Phylogenetic Tree of Life One prediction that is made by evolution is that if evolution via common descent were true, then we should be able to place life in a hierarchy — a tree if you would.

We should be able to develop an objective classification scheme for all organisms. We call this the Phylogenetic tree of life.

Microevolution and Macroevolution

The Unique Universal Phylogenetic Tree. This Tree of Life and the line of evidence can easily be falsified if we find an organism that cannot fit into any known taxonomy or hierarchy on such a tree. The video to the right explains how Phylogenetic trees are constructed and why they offer such great proof for evolution.

Remnants of the past Our bodies yield much evidence for evolution. I will explore several key points from our body that presents evidence for common descent: Vestigial structures Contrary to Creationists claims, a vestigial structure is not a structure that is functionless.

Indeed, a vestigial structure is a reduced and rudimentary structure compared to the same complex structure in other organisms. Goosebumps Goosebumps are vestiges of a time when our ancestors had hair covering their entire body.

The function of the goosebump is to raise hairs to make better insulating the animal when the air is cold, or to make the animal look larger and more menacing when frightened Fairbanks. The ostrich wing "The wing of the ostrich resembles those of the gyrfalcon and the hawk.

Who does not know how the speed of the gyrfalcon and hawk in flight exceeds that of other birds? The ostrich certainly has wings like theirs but not their speed of flight. Truly, it has not the capacity to be lifted from the ground and gives only the impression of spreading its wings as if to fly; however, it never supports itself above the earth in flight.

It is exactly the same with all those hypocrites who pretend to live a life of piety, giving the impression of holiness without the reality of holy behaviour. Folio 41vc. AD — on the ostrich, its vestiges a symbol of hypocrisy since the 2nd century A. The ostrich wing is a vestigial structure as the wing is useless for flight.

No organism can have a vestigial structure that was not previously functional in one of its ancestors. Thus, for each species, the standard Phylogenetic tree listed above prohibits what types of structures we cannot see.Creationism - The view that God created life in its present form on earth within the passed 10, years.

Rules: along with the rest of life—how we use our knowledge of evolution directly impacts the future of life on earth. Um doesn't microevolution lead to macroevolution? Report this Comment. Posted by Magicr 6 years ago.

Actually. Species, Evolution & Macroevolution. Diversity of horned ceratopsids (and related dinosaurs), by Sometimes they refer to "microevolution" (changes within an (shapes, colors, tastes of nectar) that favor a select few number of pollinators, thereby promoting greater chance of getting their own pollen rather than some other plant's.

An argument in favor of microevolution and its impacts on macroevolution

Huneman P. () Macroevolution and Microevolution: Issues of Time Scale in Evolutionary Biology. In: Bouton C., Huneman P. (eds) Time of Nature and the Nature of Time. Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science, vol Ch.

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Occurs when conditions favor individuals at both extremes of a phenotypic range over individuals with intermediate phenotypes. Abstract. For more than 60 years, evolutionary biologists have debated the issue of whether the processes of genetic change observable within populations (microevolution) can provide an adequate explanation for the large-scale patterns in the history of life (macroevolution).

This argument further maintains that the genome provides a species constraint to ensure long-term stasis, despite the large number of gene mutations that can provide short-term adaptation advantages (Heng, in preparation).

The importance of HGT in both macroevolution and microevolution of bacteria has long been established and there .

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