American character then and now

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American character then and now

Unlike Crevecour, Turner believed that American character was not simply a product of English character transported to America, but rather another idea altogether Faragher He expressed this opinion the best when he said, "In the crucible of the frontier the immigrants were Americanized, liberated, and fused into a mixed race, English in neither nationality nor characteristics" Faragher How exactly did American character form and what defines it?

Turner answered this question with the Turner thesis, using the concept of the pioneer and the immigrants who followed him to explain the western frontier and its expansion Faragher In his book, Peck identified three different stages or waves of western civilization.

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The first stage is sort of the epitome of what is now recognized to be American character: This was a man who provided for his family by depending on vegetation and hunting. He did not care whether the land he temporarily occupied was in his ownership or not.

When the area became too civilized, the pioneer moved on to make new discoveries and left his soil and house for the new wave of immigrants. Thus, introducing the second stage of western civilization.

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The third and final stage, labeled as "the men of capital and enterprise", is when the small villages created by the immigrants became large cities or towns Peck In the midst of all these changes, Peck points out that the pioneer was still ahead of all those who preceded him and was the original creator of American character.

By the time Turner presented his thesis in at the Colombian Exhibition in Chicago, the myth of the cowboy and the myth of the frontier had already made their way into novels for the enjoyment of east coasters who were curious of the west Cullen The introduction of "she-males," women with feminine and masculine qualities, were also an important feature of these novels west Cullen Wheeler, were like predecessors of women rights; they were heroines who demanded and received, but remained kindhearted at the same time Faber all.

This novel brought the western frontier to public attention and provided a more "real" depiction of the frontier life. It served as a memoir for all that Roosevelt, Wister, and Remington had witnessed in the western frontier. Coincidentally, this added on to the sense of American character by further stressing the idea of the rugged individual.

Novels and western movies or plays were not the only sources which depicted the essence of American character; Paintings and museums were very influential.

American character then and now

Charles Willson Peale, founder of the Academy of Fine Arts, introduced another element to American character which had not been recognized as much as that of the rough, outdoors man. By showcasing plants, animals, and the infamous mastodon, Peale associated American character with intelligence, imagination, practicality, and independence Philadelphia Meuseum of Art.

While providing all of this visual stimulation, Peale believed his museum provided an opportunity for rational entertainment so that those who visited the museum would not only be entertained, but would also walk away with a greater knowledge than they had when they walked in.

Of course, Peale showed himself to have the most power of all by lifting up the red curtain to reveal his museum in all its glory. With his stance akimbo and a blue sash adorning his uniform, the portrait of George Washington in Washington After the Battle of Princeton elicited power and patriotism, a feature of American character most visible today Philadelphia Museum of Art.

To the right of the painting,American Character - Then and Now A notion that still holds strong today, Fredrick Jackson Turner's idea of American character was one based on trials and experiences. American Gladiators Now and Then.

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